Welcome to Vintage Wheel Works

Welcome to The Vintage Wheel Works website. Vintage Wheel Works specializes in manufacturing wheels for muscle cars. Our original offerings in 1991 were primarily for the first generation Mustang?s, Camaro?s, and Corvette?s. We were the first wheel manufacturer to focus primarily on muscle cars. Our goal was to build wheels that looked correct for the period, but were manufactured in larger sizes so customers could take advantage of new tire technology and make their favorite cars handle properly. Since then Vintage Wheel Works has significantly expanded our line of wheels. We currently build wheels for: Mustang's, Camaro's, Falcon's, Corvette's, GTO's, Fairlane's, AMX's, Challenger's, Barracuda's, Roadrunner's, Nova's, and Chevelle's to name a few models. If it was built in the 1950's through the 1980's, and is a muscle car, we build wheels for it with very few exceptions.

Specializing in wheels for the hotrod and muscle car markets