Company Info

As Vintage Wheel Works has grown through the last 15 years we have expanded not only our product line in styles; but also in the sizes that customers want. We always give an ear to what customers are asking for, and spend whatever time necessary for customers to make the right decision. We would prefer to help customers in a “hands on” way. This has been what has grown this company over the years. We do not pressure anyone to purchase our products. Our goal is to educate people about wheels and how they relate to the performance, fit, and look of a car. We would prefer for customers to purchase wheels from another company with an accurate and educated viewpoint rather than blindly accepting errant information. Vintage Wheel Works owner is confident that when you work with customers to educate them so they will make the correct decision, a certain portion will purchase our products and some will purchase others products. However ALL customers will remember the quality of service and the time taken with them from our team. This idea has resulted in a customer retention rate that is the highest in this industry. In fact, we are extremely proud when we see customers return 4 and 5 times to purchase wheels for other cars they have, and their new acquisitions.

We have built this business on customer service and quality products. We focus on cars that interest us and is where we invest our time and research. We always appreciate feedback from our customers. Feel free to jot down a note, send in e-mail, or telephone in your comments or concerns.

We have product distributors all over the world. Some are stocking dealers and some just order on an as needed basis. We recommend customers work directly with the distributors that they are comfortable with and prefer to purchase parts from. We are always here to help with customers needs should you choose to purchase direct from us or just want to verify an application. We look forward to hearing from new distributors. The distributors and dealers that carry our products have contacted us because customers, like you, are asking them for our parts.